Carpenter Craving i Wood

Wood Workshop

We invite you to woodworkshops in the carpentry workshop located right next to the Vengsoy Rorbuer
In November, I prepared a Christmas edition of the workshops for you:
Creating Christmas trees and candlesticks.


18-20th November

25-27th of November

Minimum for booking is 4 guests.

Price per person from 2.500,-

This includes:

Stay at Vengsøy Rorbuer.

Use of jacuzzi.

Use of lavvo.


Workshops on creating christmas trees and candlesticks are the perfect opportunity to start your
adventure with wood and create something yourself.
During the workshop, you will learn how to glue wooden elements to the ground, sand boards and
finish your wooden works.
You will get acquainted with the equipment needed for processing and learn more about the types of
wood and their properties. Most of all, you will sprinkle your hands with wooden dust,
you will immerse yourself in the forest scent and rest during manual work.


During the workshops, you will first of all rest. You will spend a few hours in the company of wood and positive people.
You will be distracted from everyday stress. You will feel the addictive scent of freshly sanded wood and let the inner child speak.
You will also take home a handmade Christmas tree or a candlestick that will decorate your interior
and remind you
about your creativity.



Additionally, you will learn:

- what tools are needed to work with wood.
- how to prepare wood for further processing.
- what are the types of wood and what are they characterized by.
- how to choose wood for the project.
- what are the ways of painting and protecting wood.
- how to start your adventure with wood.