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Our boats


Memorable boat experiences


Our boats


All boats are of type Kaasbøll, 22,5 feet, and equipped with echo sounder and chart plotter. Three out of the boats got a 115 hp Yamaha Motor and the last one got a 140 hp Suzuki motor.

To be able to rent boats from us, you must posses a boat certificate or be born before 1981 and have sufficient experience with how to handle a boat. Contact Maria per mail for more information and boat rental.


GoFish contributes to:

  • Increased safety through tracking, preventive security and security documentation.


  • Increased focus on sustainable fishing through registration of the catch and reporting.  

  • Simple registration of your catch for each fishing trip, remember to also register 0 catch and released fish. Sufficient registration contributes to a more correct report of catch history in the area.


Good fortune while fishing or exploration by sea


Our boats are ready to us down by the pier right outside the lodges. You can rent a boat and go fishing or explore the area around the island. It is a fantastic area to go by boat, lots of small islands and private beaches to visit. How about visiting Gåsvær, a beautiful small island with a church just 10-15 minutes from the lodges? Bring your fishing gear and use our gutting shed to take care of your catch and store your gear. When you get inside, put the fish directly into a frying pan and enjoy fresh fish for dinner. 


GoFish security system


We use GoFish, a security- and registration system which will increase safety when you go fishing in Norway. GoFish is developed by an IT-company called Dualog in cooperation with the tour operator Din Tur, fishing tourists and travel agencies. As a guest you are to use GoFish when performing the safety check before going and registration of the catch after you are done. This is completed on the GoFish station on camp. 


GoFish is simple at use, the only thing you need to remember is your own telephone number used to log in on the GoFish station every time before and after you complete your trip. With GoFish on the camp, the employees at GoFish got updated information on whom is traveling the sea, who many of you are there onboard and the location of the boat. 

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