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Seasonal opportunities


In Northern Norway you can experience the beautiful night sky full of vibrant colors if you are lucky. The Northern Lights are sometimes to be seen right outside the living room window from the lodges between September and April. This is a magic scenery and is easier to see when its completely dark around yourself, therefore Vengsøy is a great spot for trying to catch a few glimpse of the Northern Lights.  

Northern Lights September - April


Midnight sun May 20th - July 22th


You're also going to see the midnight sun during the period late Mat to late July. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where the sun doesn't set. It results in very long days and light nights. It is common to go hiking or stay up to watch the sun in the middle of the night. On Vengsøy it is especially nice to watch the sun almost dip into the ocean while being on a boat or simply watching from your balcony.

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