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Mountains, trails and great views 




This hike starts in Naustbukta, follow the trail from the graveled road. From the top you will be able to see Musvær, Lyngøya, Gåsvær and Sandøya. This is a short 45 minute hike at a slow pace.




This is a popular hike featured in the competition  «Ti på topp» (Ten popular mountain tops) several years in a row. From Stortinden you can spot Senja, Musvær, Lyngøya and amazing mountains over at Kvaløya as Store Blåmann sin, Store Hollendaren and Tromtinden.




A hike that requires a lot from you, it is challenging and "airy". It starts in Stordalen, goes up to the first mountain top, Vengsøytinden, continues to Horntinden, Kvantotinden and lastly Stortinden. From Stortinden you start going down hill and complete the hike just by the white "church". During this hike you get the amazing view of the ocean in the west, the smaller islands facing north and the mountains on Kvaløya facing south.




The hike to Rekvika is very nice and takes about 3 hours to complete. Rekvika is also the hidden gem on Vengsøy, a white beach surrounded by great mountains. You can also travel here by boat. 




This hike got the old "football stadium" as it's starting point. From there you follow the summer trail. A suitable walk with small kids, and nice both during summer and winter time. It is also possible to bring some wood and have a barbecue in the hut, Gammen. It will take about 10-15 minutes of walking.




A great hike on approximately 1h 30 minutes. Walk from Stordalen following a some what marked trail. When you arrive at the foot of Vengsøytinden, you'll be able to see Storvannet. From Storvannet you're able to see directly towards Håja, a magical view. 

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